About Us​

Our Story

Where We Began

Remarkable Roofing is a family owned and operated company. The business was begun back in 2014 by Mark Koontz as an additional source of income. In 2020 he decided to pursue roofing full time. Roofing has been a part of Mark’s career since he was old enough to work.

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What We Offer

remarkable roofing roof


Beginning with a full tear off and ending in a complete re-shingle, we cover both residential and commercial roofs.


From minor leaks to trees and more, we are glad to help repair roofs when a full new roof job is not neccessary.

Minor Building

Sometimes new roofs need a little mor work than simply new shingles. Additionally we have experience with siding and gutters!

Our Expert Team

Mark Koontz


Brendan Koontz

Sales Representative

bren remarkable roofing roof

Brenda Koontz


We Provide Remarkable Service​

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